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Hillsborough ringers are members of the Irish Association of Change Ringers(IACR)


                To learn more about bellringing -------

       the   'Who', 'How', 'What', 'Why', 'Where' & 'When'  of it   --- 

                                          visit the following sites:-

'Liverpool Bells'  --- an excellent general introduction to all aspects of bells and ringing.

'What is Bellringing?' --- a North American site including bell sounds.

'Change Ringing Resources'  --- a mine of useful information.

'Campanophile'  --- details of recent peals & quarters plus related news.

"Dove's Guide" --- the ultimate guide to the church bells of Britain and ringing peals of the world.

'The Central Council of Church Bell Ringers'  --- " the representative body for all who ring bells in the English tradition, with rope and wheel; the majority of whom practice the art of change ringing"      The Council represents 66 affiliated societies which cover all parts of the British Isles as well as centres of ringing in places as far afield as Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the USA, Italy, Zimbabwe and South Africa.    These societies in turn of course are comprised of the local bands of bell ringers in their areas.         Some facts to reflect on in 'idle' moments while waiting for 'a couple more' to arrive !

From these sites be led on to lots of other informative and worthwhile bell sites!

For a special treat visit this Youtube link and hear the highest and heaviest peal of church bells in the world -- at the Cathedral Church of Christ in Liverpool --  being used to sound out John Lennon's evocative 'IMAGINE' ; all the more moving for such a delicate tune being played on such mighty instruments in such a towering location.    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KH-EFo4ce3A

To learn more about the Hillsborough area 'visit'  Lisburn     If you are looking for good holiday accomodation in the Hillsborough area then visit www.kilwarlincottages.com where one of our members awaits to offer attentive service!