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The bell from Hilltown church now installed in Hillsborough tower along with its 1772 travel companions.  It is fitted with a motor which allows it to be operated as a 'swing chiming' bell.  The bell is variously referred to as the 'Barry bell' and the 'Hilltown bell'

17/02/12        On this most significant date the Ringing Master's latest publication is revealed. -- "The Bells and Ringers of Hillsborough Parish Church"  (publ. 2012,   Hillsborough Bell Ringers).., £3.50 

A well printed book, it opens with references to the earliest use of bells in Ireland through to explanations of 'full circle' bell ringing and method ringing.  This precedes an in-depth look at the history of the use of bells in Hillsborough parish over three hundred years; displaying a most amazingly wide ranging collection of information, both technical and relating to society and events of the changing times.

Nothing but nothing appears to have escaped the author's eye -- not dissimilar to the situation when he is ringing ! -- and the book is a tribute to his appreciation of the mechanics of a good society. Technical detail is balanced with good humoured regard for the contribution over the years of the ringers who made the bells 'live' and ring out over the parish.  It is especially warming to reflect on those who were our 'seniors' when we, the current 'seniors', were but 'juniors' ! 

The book also makes reference to connections with other towers, ringers and persons who contributed and co-operated in terms of facilitating ringing and maintenance throughout the years; illustrating a common bond across the country in the important matter of ensuring bells continue to capture the attention of the public at large.

The 'bond of the band' in Hillsborough has been enhanced by this book capturing all that happened, all that mattered.  The author hopes the bells will still be ringing for another two hundred years.  How will the past - our present - be viewed then ??!            EGW

Ringers who greeted the New Year at 01.01.2016       (ta2jk)

2016 Cunningham Cup winners

Andrew Walker

13 of the 14 who rang to mark the 90th birthday of Her Majesty The Queen. on 21-04-16

Society of Royal Cumberland Youths at Hillsborough, Down St Malachy Friday, 14 October 2016 in 3h 11 (18-3-16) 5000 Bristol Surprise Royal Composed by G H Campling 1 Ruth Curtis 2 Matthew J L Durham (C) 3 Michael R Crockett 4 Paul A Cammiade 5 Shirley E McGill 6 Mary E Holden 7 Ian G Campbell 8 Alan Regin 9 Paul F Curtis 10 Thomas B Mack      Circled the tower: 9. Rung in memory of Serjeant George Edward Piggins; killed in action 14/10/1916, a ringer at Wisbech.